Pisces Woman And Cancer Man

When Cancer man meets Pisces woman, the warmth and concerns displayed by him will immediately impress the lady and she can go weak in the knees in true sense of it. On the other hand her womanly charms as well as passionate nature will render the love relationship highly romantic. A lot of understanding, commitments, stability, and above all security mark the relationship between Cancer man and Pisces woman. Each of the partners will know the feeling of the other even before the same is expressed. While the chemistry between them would be great, they should learn to remain present at the time of need of the other.


Both being water signs the relationship could be very harmonious with least amount of differences or arguments. Cancer is the true picture of empathy while Pisces is the deity of devotion. Cancer man has very strong determination and though gentle, caring, and loyal in relationship, he suffers from periodical mood swings. However with great sense of humor he loves to get pampered in relationship with Pisces woman though his tendency of saving money could be a little irritating for the woman. Pisces woman is extremely gentle, caring and appealing with feminine grace and is also very helpful.

Usually she will have a spiritual connection with her lover and the tender care and gentle attitudes of Cancer man generates everlasting devotion in her. Highlight of the relationship is that both make each other feel desired and loved for which the two gets great feelings of security in the relationship. However, Pisces woman may resent the over possessive traits in Cancer man who may not be able to appreciate fully the view point of Pisces woman in this case. While his humor impresses him, his unpredictable nature intrigues her. Understanding the requirements for healthy physical relationship they become physically intimate very smoothly resulting in a natural unison of woman and man. Both respond to each other quite beautifully and love making is sensuous, mild and erotically pleasing and fulfilling for both.

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